One Minute Dog Training ™

Book & Videos

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With the One Minute Dog Training ™ Book and Videos you’ll learn how to communicate with your dog without beating, yelling, or using cruel training devices like choke, shock or prong collars.

You will receive all that you need to know to train your dog! I promise to present an easy, straight forward method for training Puppies and Dogs from someone who has been out in the field working with dogs for decades.

Order and receive all video access &  book with instant electronic download!

All video access to One Minute Dog Training ™ titles:

  • Young Puppy Sit Stay Come
  • Young Puppy Sit Stay Come 2
  • Young Puppy Questions and the TTouch 3
  • Working with the Mouth 4
  • Younger Puppy Basic Training 5
  • Young Puppy with Child 6
  • Young Puppy Final Session 7
  • 10 month old German Shepherd 1
  • Secion session Shepherd 2
  • Improvement for Shepherd 3
  • Shepherd and the Chicken 4
  • Shepherd questions and Answers 5
  • Complete House Training

You can watch these titles on your favorite device or download them for later.