Dog Training is Easy!!

Thank you very much for taking time to read this page.

There are only three things that you and your dog really need to learn to have an amazing relationship. They are:

  1. SIT
  2. STAY
  3. COME

You might think that is pretty basic and you are right. That is the whole foundation of the entire One Minute Dog Training system.
Think about it. If your dog will sit when you ask, wait when you ask and come when you ask, everything else is an offshoot of those three elements.

I am wholeheartedly invested in your success with your dog.

Here is what the Humane Society of the United States - the nation's largest animal protection organization say to look for in a Dog Trainer:

humane society logo"It's essential that the dog trainer you select uses humane training techniques; that encourage appropriate behavior through such positive reinforcement. Training techniques should never involve yelling, choking, shaking the scruff, tugging on the leash, alpha rolling (forcing the dog onto his back), or other actions that frighten or inflict pain."

If you feel that you must be the dominate leader of the pack; that the only way to train dogs is with a choke collar; that you were taught that hitting a dog - or rubbing his nose - in it is still a valid method, you may not go along with what I believe in.

What I have to offer is 25 years of hands on experience in training dogs from a very diverse background. My advice, should it resonate with your desire to train your dog, is unique because it comes from someone who has worked firsthand with many different kinds of animals including and especially dogs and dog owners.

You may not know it, but much but a lot of the information on the Internet today comes from people who have no actual real world experience with dogs.Most people who get a dog want to properly train their dog, but don’t know where to start or who they should to. Almost always a new, or pretty much any dog owner, just wants the best for their dog. There is so much information available to dog owners on the subject of dog training that it can often become trying and confusing.

The One Minute Dog Training will back up all the techniques and methods with real examples and why certain techniques work and others are harmful or even wors dangerous for your dog. And best of all, I can show you how to train your dog without once ever having to yell, hit, strangle or be mean to your dog. First of all the greatest Dog Training tip that I can give you is this:

With that in mind, here are a few tips:

Myth #1 Choke Collars

Myth #1 Choke Collars

Myth: You need to use a choke collar to leash train your dog.

Correction: This is wrong and immoral choke collars do exactly what they say they do – they choke your dog and they cut off your dog's ability to breathe! This can do serious damage to your dog!

TIP: In the beginning, the most effective and humane way to train a dog is with a head collar. Similar to a halter for a horse, a dog head collar will give you an easy way to communicate your desire without choking your dog. There are several brands on the market that we go into in the 1 Minute Dog Training Videos.

Myth #2 Prong/Spike Collars

Myth #2 Prong/Spike Collars

Myth: You need a prong (spike) collar to train "tough" dogs.

DO NOT USe: Please, these are worse than a choke collar!! Prong collars have spikes that stab your dog's neck every time the leash is used as a “correction” . Please look at this photo of Prong Collar Damage: 

Myth #3 Electric Shock Collar

Myth #3 Electric Shock Collar

Myth: You need an electronic shock collar to either train your dog or to teach it to stop barking. (See Myths 1 & 2)

DO NOT USE: The use of shock collars on dogs is a very emotional topic and discussions will often degrade into personal attacks.
According to Polsky’s study (click here) dogs kept in shock containment systems (i.e. invisible fence or underground fence), showed extreme aggression towards humans, over and beyond their normal behavior. ON top of that it showed that shock collars only work a small percentage of the time anyway. Basically dog just learn to be afraid of people and the collar! Not to mention what it does to your dog’s health!

Myth #4 Dominance

Myth #4 Dominance

Myth: You need to dominate your dog by using physical force (yelling, smacking, hitting, choking).

Correction: I think enough has been said about using force to train a dog.